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Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink The Liquid And You Will Not Believe What Happens To Your Sleep!

We’ve all been through sleeping disorders due to various reasons. The moments before you fall asleep when thinking about work, family or other things don’t let your brain to relax. All those tossing, turnings and staring at the ceiling cause anxiety and lack of energy the next morning. And the worst thing is that the more you are trying to fall asleep, the more nervous you become. Insomnia is a very common problem and one of the biggest when it comes to sleeping difficulties. It is often a result of taking certain medications, like pain medications, antihistamines, and heart and blood medications. Whether is this or something else that impedes your dream, you should definitely do something to change this situation.

But, we have an ideal and at the same time unusual solution for all your restless nights. Try this tea recipe and all those sleepless nights will be past.


This tea, beside the fact that it will help you to solve this problem, it also tastes good. Why banana? Their peels are rich with potassium and magnesium. We need these minerals to help us relax our muscles. Combined together, they improve and ameliorate our sleeping, which makes them essential minerals for our body. But, make sure that for this recipe, you will need 100% organic bananas. The primary condition before preparing this recipe, is that they should be chemical-free.
It will only take you 10 minutes of your time, and should be consumed every night before going to bed.


– 1 Organic banana
– 1 Small pot of water
– A dash of cinnamon (this is optional)


First, cut off both ends of the banana, peel it, and all together, put it into boiling water. Boil it for about 10 minutes. Then, by using a colander, pour the water into a mug. You can add some cinnamon into the tea. And your banana tea is ready. Consume it one hour before bed time.
Actually you can make one delicious dessert too. After the banana has been boiled, feel free to sprinkle some cinnamon over it. Mmm, yummy. If you are being skeptical about its taste, you will convince yourself in the contrary. Eating warm fruit along with its peel, will contribute to the soothing and calming effect that you need at night.


Most of the American population, thinking that there is no other solution to this issue, the first thing they do is grabbing the sleeping pills, without thinking of the consequences. The most important thing that you should about these pills is that they are not a permanent resolution. Most of them are known as sedative hypnotics, causing addiction and negative impact on the nervous system.

Like all other drugs, apart from addiction they also cause the following side-effects:

1. Constipation
2. Dizziness
3. Concentration and memory difficulties
4. Stomach pain
5. Weakness and exhaustion
6. Uncontrollable shaking
7. Parasomnias

The worst thing about them is that they can slow down your breathing rhythm, and if you are suffering from asthma, their use can be very harmful and even fatal.

To conclude: you all know that if your body doesn’t get its eight hours of rest, it is not functioning well. Your quality of life is brought down to zero, having no energy and ability to fulfill all your everyday activities. That is way you need to know the source of your nights with eyes wide open, and finding a way to fix it. So, wait no longer! Buy a 100% organic banana, and you will again enjoy your nights with sweet dreams. Have we mentioned that this tea also smells good? Well, it does. Try this amazing tea and feel the benefits.

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