If You Can Notice This On Your Nails, GET HELP!

Nail cancer? Like the other millions of cancers weren’t enough. Fortunately doctors say that it is a very rare cancer. Our nail can change their color, that’s why we often visit manicure.

People don’t even pay attention to the nail color. Well, when you read this you will start to pay attention to the nail color.

Our purpose in not to scare you, but to warn you before it’s too late.

We haven’t heard anyone to suffer from nail cancer, yet. Have you? I would like to hear the story.

Doctors say that nail cancer happens rarely. Every cancer that goes against the skin has the capacity to attack the nails. It can progress there. It doesn’t develop in the nails.

The cancer attacks the part under the nails. As a result the nail changes its shape and color.

Doctors explain that the usual color of the nail tumor is light brown. In the first phase it shows like a line under the nail. As it develops, the nail becomes thicker, darker, and bigger.

But, don’t be afraid. Not every change on your nails means cancer. Sometimes it might means a lack of some vitamins and minerals.

This is just a warning. If you notice something unusual, you should check it before it develops in something bigger.

Below you can see a video story done by CBS New York.

It’s a very rare disease, but you should be aware of it.

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