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Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your Own City Orchard with These Amazing Dwarf Fruit Trees

Having fruit orchards is like a dream come true, because you can eat your very own fruits.

Having organic fruits on hand is precious. You have always thought that people who live uptown can only dream about fruit orchard. Well, you were wrong.

People who live in a town can still have your organic fruits, but the cultivation process is a little different. They need some space and a few amazing hybrid sorts.

They are called urban fruit trees or columnar fruit trees, but they are also known as Pillarettes and Minarettes. The fabulous fruits grow in bunches, and the trunk of the tree looks like a spire.

People usually love these trees for their stylish form that fits every urban area. You can use them to decorate your porch or you can place them at the entrance of your garden.

If you have a few of these trees, it means that you can enjoy the lovely aroma of your own organic fruits.

How to grow your own dwarf fruit trees?

The Minarettes are simple and easy to grow. They tolerate various climate conditions. But, you should be careful and if your hometown is surrounded by extremely cold or hot weather conditions you shouldn’t grow them.

The dwarf trees need regular watering and plenty of sunlight. The soil should never be too dry or too soggy. And you must use a high-quality fertilizer.

You shouldn’t forget to leave a space between the containers (about 2-3 feet apart).

You should always cultivate two different sort, because this would provide cross-pollination, and the tree can fruit well.

Don’t forget to clip off the damaged and weak branches to make your tree stronger. Do this regularly in its early stage of growth.

You can buy some good sorts of dwarf trees on the market. Have you ever heard about the amazing Thompson-Morgan fruit tree collection? It includes the following miniature trees:

Cherry “Sylvia”

It is characterized with amazing pink blooms, and everyone will love it. “Sylvia” will make your garden look amazing. Origin: Gisella 6

Plum “Black Amber”

Black Amber Plum Grow will give you aromatic purple plums. Look for Ferlinain.

Pear “Doyenne du Comice”

This tree will give you the tastiest aromatic pears. Look for Quince A.

Apple “Gala”

This tree will give you delicious red apples. Look for the Rootstock is M27.

Apple “Golden Delicious”

If you’re looking for a variety this is a perfect choice for you. It doesn’t need fancy cultivation. The Rootstock is M9.

Starkbros columnar apple trees

These tiny apple tries are also available for sale.

Colonnade apple trees or the Urban Apple trees give crisp apples. You can grow them in a large decorative pot on your porch. They can be also planted in a home garden. They can grow up to 10 feet high and 24 feet wide.

You will enjoy the white and pink blooms in spring and the green brunches throughout every season.

You should worry about the harvest, because we guarantee that you’ll pick big delicious apples every year.

The mini fruit trees are a piece of heaven. So, what are you waiting for, go and plant them.

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