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DISGUSTING! This Is How Gummy Candies Are Really Made! After Watching This, You Will Never Eat Them Again! VIDEO

Childhood is filled with joy, days without worries, and a never-ending desire to try as many kinds of candies as possible. All those gummy bears, pinch rings and gummy worms tempt kids to eat them because of their interesting look and unusual taste. Sometimes even grown-ups don’t want to miss a chance to buy them. But, once you see on this video how are they made, you will keep yourself from eating them. If you are one of those people who like a kid enjoyed in consuming these sweet treats, this video will make you feel disgusted.

A Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens, made a terrible short movie that shows their real production process. It was made in reverse, from the moment of loving our finished gummy candy product, to the moment of its initial form. As the video footage continues, the audience shortly comes to find out the sweet’s basic ingredients.

This movie is one in a series of videos documenting the disgusting way the food we eat is made. There are vegan gelatin options of course, that some candies are made with like agar, which is one of the most popular substitutions to gelatin that is obtained from algae. Thus, if the video below will not convince you to stop your irresistible desire to eat gummy candies, and probably food, at least you will know that you actually have choice.

Here you’ll see a shocking realistic and graphic realization of how pig carcasses must be torched and removed of their skin, then boiled down to create the flavorless active ingredient, so that you can get your favorite candies. You will be horrified when you hear that tendons, ligaments and bones are also part of the substance used in other favorites, like cola bottles and marshmallows. They are not so sweet right now, are they?

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