Excessive sugar and starch are one of the main causes of lung cancer!

One study found that smoking is not the sole reason of lung cancer due to diet high in sugar and starch are other compelling reasons, even for people who do not smoke. The researchers found that people with a high glycemic index tend to develop lung cancer. The glycemic index associated with excessive stimulation of insulin production due to high blood sugar levels.

NBC News reported that a team of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston has been studying 1,905 patients with lung cancer were compared with 2,415 healthy people. They were asked about their patterns and it appeared most of the patients with lung cancer have glycemic index of 50%. This study has been reported in the journal Cancer Epidemiology and Biomarkers.

Surprisingly, non-smokers with high glycemic index tend to develop lung cancer. This study concluded that the reduction in sugar consumption can lower the risk of lung cancer significantly. This conclusion was stated by Dr. Xifeng Wu, the leader of the study. The doctor said that diets high in sugar stimulate insulin thus will affect the growth of abnormal cells. Cancer is known to work by doing cell proliferation so high glycemic will encourage the growth of small tumors. Compound associated with this process is IGFs because this compound plays an important role in the proliferation and differentiation of cells in cancer growth.

Some previous studies have examined the link between glycemic index with several types of cancer, such as gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer. Most of these studies focused on white people and didn’t target Hispanics and blacks. Lung cancer is the number one cancer in the United States that kills 150 thousand people per year and this type is difficult to be marked except when it has gone through itshigh stages.


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