FDA Admits: The Store-Bought Ketchup Does Not Contain Any Fresh Tomatoes– This Is What We Actually Eat!

A lot of people, especially children, consume store-bought ketchup every day. But, opposite of our opinion, this product contains everything but tomatoes.

To be exact, the FDA confirmed that there is no presence of fresh tomatoes in ketchup. Only diluted tomato paste is made of boiled and dehydrated tomatoes. During the process, these tomatoes lose a great amount of their nutritional value.

Believe it or not, the FDA has released guidelines for certain contaminants in the food we consume every day! The acceptable levels of mold contamination are 15% for canned tomatoes and 45% for ketchup. Additionally, the FDA allows up to 30 fly eggs per 100 grams of tomato sauce, that is, 2 maggots per every 100 grams of tomato juice.

Unfortunately, the FDA reacts only when 6% or more of chips show rot from pre- or post-harvest infection. Just look at a few of the common food tricks manufacturers of potato chips practice:

– A medium-sized potato chips plan has 2 potatoes

– A smaller sized package of tomato chips has just 1 potato

– Surimi sticks contain no shrimp, just carefully ground fish

– An extra big potato chips plan has 4 potatoes

To sum up, it’s time to stop and think about the products you buy every day. You should choose them carefully because some of them hide a danger to your health, and the health of the people you love. Choose carefully!

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