Five ways to against inflammation

It is important to know that inflammation on human body cans response to serious infection or injury and associated with heart diseases, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Over than five thousand woman and man take physical exam the measureing of inflammation level marker C reactive protein of called CRP which recognized for cardiovascular diseases. The subject do on tack accelerator for 7 days. The result found that active adult has 33 percent lower CRP than inactive adult. The study found great connection between inflammation and self reported activity.

Mr. AditiNerurkar, M.D said that inflammation is tricky for doctor, explain a medicine physician from Beth Israel medical center in Boston. The doctor know high level of inflammation maker such as CRP. If physical activities could manage inflammation, here are 5 studies based on inflammation fighter, below:

1. Pile with veggie and fruits.

It can produce anti inflammation phyto nutrients and plants based che,ical such as; anti oxidant to lower risk for serious diseases. One cup of strawberry offer 150 percent of vitamin C as good stimultan for diseases who fight blood cells.

2. skip sugar too much

it is important to know that sugar can down adrenal gland, stress regulation and ability to cope with stress, said dr. Yuri Elkaim, RD.

3. mind meds

aspirin is anti inflammation and take it daily can help people to keep blood platelet from clotting and clumping, said Dr. Nick Kardaras, MD, the director at suns east Hampton in New York. It is advisable to check to your doctor before start meadication includes take aspirin on regular basis.
It can reduce cardiovascular and inflammation risk, said dr. YasmineSubhi, MD, assistant professor at Vanderbilt university school of medicine.

4. Meditation

The research showed that meditation can help people to reduce chronic stress, human immune system and CRP level, said Dr. Elkaim. It is good to take meditate for ten or fifteen minutes.

5. Get shut eye

If you have lack of sleep, then you will get risk for weight gain, inflammation and cardiovasculardiseases. Dr. Nerurkar, say that a study has show associated between elevation and sleep deprivation in CRP. Sleep is better than ever.

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