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This Fruit Will Cure Insomnia And Boost Brain Function In Minutes

You probably haven’t heard about quenepa. You are not the only one, that’s for sure. But this fruit should definitely become familiar to you, since it is a rich source of many health properties. This fruit grows all over Latin America and its more popular name is Spanish lime. It is extremely powerful when it comes to curing sleeping disorders, especially insomnia and stimulating the function of the brain.

This fruit has a sweet and sour taste, and people usually combine it with a pinch of salt, lime, and chilly. As few experts explain, this fruit is a mix of lime and lychee, because it has a hard shell and firm, delicate flesh. The Americans know quenepa as Spanish lime, because it reminds them of that fruit which also has orange or yellow color.

Quenepa is rich in these nutrients: fiber, minerals, protein, amino acids, carotene, calcium, thiamine, iron, riboflavin, tannins, niacin, tryptophan, unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), vitamin C, vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. Quenepa is still not popular as it should be, but yet with all his health benefits it deserves an absolute attention.


Here are the health disorders that this amazingly healing fruit treats:

– It helps with constipation.

– It removes parasites.

– It improves the function of the digestive tract

– It improves your immune system and prevents bacteria from building up.

– It is of great use when it comes to urinary and lung infections.

– It enhances the function of the reproductive system.

– It is extremely effective in prevention and treating kidney problems.

– It can also prevent anemia, since it is capable of increasing red blood cell production.

– It lowers down high cholesterol and maintains the triglycerides at a normal level.

– It impedes the occurrence of flu and bronchitis.

– Due to its compound called phenolic, it can prevent cardiovascular disease.

– It is especially efficient in treating skin problems.

– It is very useful when treating gum infections.

– It also helps with asthmatic problems.

Mix some roasted quenepa seeds with honey and you got yourself a natural remedy to treat diarrhea.

Exotic fruits hide many secrets, and they may be mysterious to the rest of the world but the more we learn about them, the better for our health. So, get this fruit as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits.

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