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Get Rid Of 20 Pounds Of Toxins From Your Colon With These 2 Simple Ingredients!

The number of people who are diagnosed with colon cancer in increasing day by day. Poor diet, busy lifestyle, and bad habits disable the cleansing of the organs in the human body. You can find many scientific techniques to treat this problem but all of them are very dangerous, harmful and expensive at the same time. That’s why, today we will present you a completely safe and natural method that will cleanse your colon, fast and easy.

This natural medicine does not contain any harmful chemicals and does not have any side-effect on our body. A lot of home remedies and techniques are really cheap and easy to prepare. The following recipe will absolutely cleanse your colon and will help you to lose 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. This home remedy is rich in essential nutrients and fiber and will also improve your overall health.

Needed ingredients:

  • 1 apple;
  • A cup of water;
  • A tbs. of flaxseed;
  • A tbs. of honey;
  • A Tbs. of chia seeds.


First, wash the apple. Then chop it into pieces and remove the seeds. Then, put the pieces into the blender together with the water and the honey and blend them. Now, add the chia seeds and the flaxseed and stir the mixture with a spoon for several minutes.

You should consume this mixture one time per day for three weeks and you will see the incredible effects. This natural remedy will completely cleanse your colon and will improve your overall health. Plus, it will also help you lose weight and will improve your metabolism.

You should avoid processed and fast foods and foods rich in sugar because they will neutralize the effects of the remedy. Prepare it and enjoy its benefits.

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