Get rid of pink eye with chamomile & honey

Such medicinal plants, like chamomile and calendula, are widely used in cosmetology and eye therapy. They are considered a universal treatment for eliminating many problems. To do this, herbalists recommend to know how to use chamomile and calendula at home.

The mad rhythm of our life, a short and unproductive sleep, painstaking work, computers without which out life is no longer possible, televisions, various new-fangled gadgets, documents with small prints – all this leads to enormous loads on the eyes. In this regard, many people experience regular discomfort in the eyes.

By the end of the working day they become red, there is pain, eyes begin to itch, tear or tingle. This can be various causes, including the development of various diseases, but most often such symptoms appear with eye fatigue, from lack of sleep, from excessively dry air or from other external stimuli such as dust, wind, etc.

As it can be seen, the causes of pink eyes are quite banal. There is a huge variety of remedies that can help in a few seconds to remove redness from the eyes. Basically it is eye drops. However, today we want to tell you about a great homemade treatment to deal with pink eye.

 You need:

  • organic honey,
  • pure water,
  • tea bags,
  • dried calendula blossoms,
  • crushed fennel seeds
  • 2 large sheets of gauze

The instructions are very simple. First of all, you need to boil water. Then add chamomile tea bags and dried calendula blossoms there.

Wait for about ten minutes and let it cool. Squeeze the liquid from the teabags and put honey on one of the sides. Wrap tea bags with the gauze and apply them to your eyes. Lie down and relax for about ten-fifteen minutes. You can repeat the procedure twice a day.

Chamomile will relieve swelling and redness. It also has anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, moisturizing, antiseptic and nutritious properties. Calendula blossoms are excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory remedies.

They are often used to deal with eye diseases and for the treatment of skin diseases. Honey has the strongest antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Thanks to this effect of honey, you can quickly deal with any eye problems, and heal burns, cuts and wounds. Honey also serves as an effective antiseptic treatment.

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