He Has Helped over 5,000 Patients with THIS 90-Days-Cancer-Killing Recipe

Rick Simpson, he is famous activist for medical marijuana support legalization and well known about cannabis oil health benefits Rick Simpson able to treat skin cancer in 2003 and this way he decide to dedicate and serve his life to spread the truth health benefits from cannabis oil. Of course, it is not easy task because many people will not like and believe it and most of them have opposite decision and opposite authority such as; famous pharmaceutical agency and other health agency.

Rick Simpson is great person and well aware personality. Thanks for his determination and helped more than five thousand people to cure cancer without compensation. It is important to noticed that all health disorder, health problem and diseases could be healed with cannabis oil and it is very effective and efficient to kill of cancer, said Rick Simpson. Furthermore, he has helped many people who deal with various medical issue such as; AIDS, diabetes, depression, asthma, chronic pain, corhn diseases, sclerosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, warts, tumor, migraine, burn and weight loss problem.

There is great video documentary well known as run from the cure that created by Christian Laurette, 7 years ago about the main objective and mission of Rick Simpson. The main objective of this video is about testimony and interview of people who consume cannabis oil and follow Rick instruction. But most of them didn’t show up in the court when Rick was on the trial (2007). The viewer of this video documentary will find how hemp oil is working and great effective way to cure medical problem by using it.

Rick Simpson try to tell the world about self help and convince that cannabis oil is taken to kill cancer cell from human body as well. In addition, some external effects of cannabis oil can make positive health effects because with this oil people can cure and kill many skin cancers include melanomas disorder.

It is worth that hemp oil can produce negative side effects. One of side effects from hemp oil is excessive sleepiness, happiness and food craving. It mean that this side effects is milder and compared to other result from pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, no patient who has used hemp oil or cannabis oil has died.

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