Here’s What The Shape Of Your Nose Tells About Your Personality!

The shape of your nose can reveal a lot about your character. Professor Abraham Tamir from the University of Negev, Israel, presented some interesting results which were later published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

Read about the eight different nose shapes and their special personality properties:

The Nubian shape:

The Nubian shape primary characterizes itself through the length. Its bridge is straight and the wider point of the nose is directed downwards. People who have this shape of the nose are curious and inquisitive. These people are optimists and they always try to accommodate other people. They are friendly and always find answers for all problems.

The Greek shape:

Its name comes from the Greek sculptures. Most the Greek sculptures have this shape of a nose. It is straight with narrow length. People who have this nose shape are reserved and they do not like to be in the center of attention. They are very practical and loyal. They don’t talk about their feelings and are very quiet.

The hook shape

Some people compare this shape with the beak of a bird. It is a slight bent from the base to the tip. People with this shape are creative and self-sacrificing. They always defend their beliefs and are not afraid to risk things in order to reach their goals.

The arched shape

It looks very similar to the hook-shaped nose. Its shape is curved from the base to the tip and the tip is significantly more pointed. People with this shape of the nose are strong-minded. They are very organized and closely tied with their job.

The button shape

The button-shaped nose is short and looks elegant. It’s the most common of all shapes and it is not so eye-catching. People with this shape of the nose are spontaneous when they make decisions. They are determined and get down to business immediately. They are also stubborn and they always get their way.

The straight-shaped nose

Most of the Asians have this nose shape. It is straight and flatter than the other nose shapes. Its nostrils are wider and the tip is a bit rounded. People with this shape have a strong personality. They are very temperamental and passionate. If you challenge their patience they can become furious.

The concave shape

People who have this shape of the nose are very generous and are always ready to help. Unfortunately, they are so sensible, that they often get hurt by others.

Crooked nose

This nose shape indicates loving character. People with crooked noses are in tune with what they do. These people are very good listeners, which makes them wonderful friends and partners. They are very down-to-earth.

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