Homemade castor-oil packs to relieve pain, fight inflammation and promote healing

If you’re looking for DIY ways to relieve painful sensations or a beauty recipe for some “me” time, castor oil packs may be exactly what you need. Boost your immune system, detox your liver, moisturize your skin, forget about menstrual cramps and joint pain; apply a castor oil pack to the affected area and wait till it works its magic.

What’s the secret? Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid. When absorbed through the skin, ricinoleic acid helps boost blood cells, which, in turn, supports immune and lymphatic systems.

Research has shown that castor oil provides relief in case:

#1. Of menstrual cramps;

#2. Of skin inflammation due to acne, dryness and sunburn;

#3. Of joint pain;

#4. You need your bruises and wounds heal faster;

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#5. You need to improve blood circulation;

#6. You need to detoxify the liver.

#7. Castor oil can also be consumed internally to relieve constipation.

While FDA has okayed internal consumption of castor oil, it’s best if you consult with your doctor beforehand, whether you’re planning on making a castor oil pack or ingest it.

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No one wants to have digestive upset added to the list of their health hiccups. Also note that castor oil can stimulate contractions in pregnant women, so be extra cautious.

You can buy castor oil in health food stores or order it online, but make sure you choose the purchase organic, cold-pressed castor oil. This way, your skin will absorb this natural remedy in its purest form.

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What do you need to prepare a castor oil pack at home: some flannel cloths, a Mason jar with a lid, a heating pad/hot water bottle, an old sheet/towel, and fabric wrap (a larger piece of flannel, or a specifically-designed holders to make sure your pack stays in its designated place). Saturate the flannel in castor oil by putting the cloth into the Mason jar and slowly pouring the oil on it. Ensure the cloth absorbs the oil but isn’t dripping, otherwise it’ll just be messy.

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Apply the cloth to the affected areas. Secure the pack in place with a fabric wrap. Next, place the heating pad/hot water bottle on top and relax for at least 30 minutes.

Don’t throw the oil-saturated cloth away as it can be reused multiple times. Leave it in the Mason jar and change when it changes its color.

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