How can you recognize the real cause of your pain?

Did you know that pain is actually the way in which the body protects itself? Yea, the pain you feel has the purpose to tell you that something is wrong in your body.

However, you need to identify the organ or the tissue, from which the pain comes from. After you recognize the pain, you should do something in order to prevent it. Once you solve the cause of the problem, your body will then stop sending protecting signals. Later, the pain will stop.

In today’s article, we are going to reveal you some of the main reasons behind your pain and we are going to show you what type of pain is related to each organ. Keep reading and find out more.

  1. Heart

Chest pain can affect the left side of your shoulder bone, neck, and arm. This pain means that you are having some kind of problems with your heart. The heart pain is not related to breathing and body language, which is not the case in other types of pains.

  1. Small intestine

Pain in the navel region means small intestine problems. If you notice that this pain continues, and if you feel discomfort when you are strolling or bending, it means that you should visit your physician immediately.

  1. Large intestine

Large intestine problems are related to inflammation in the lower abdomen area, on the right side of the body. Digestive problems and constipation and additional symptoms related to large intestine issues.

  1. Kidneys

Pain in the kidneys can often be confused with a pain in the back or the lower back. When you have kidney pain, it is usually a deep pain under your ribs. Sometimes, the kidney pain can also be felt when you are spreading your legs.

  1. Appendix

The appendix is a vertical organ located in the lower right area of the abdomens. Appendix pain affects the separate parts of the entire stomach area. Symptoms for appendix problems include a strain that travels to your right thigh, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

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