How processed meat has the same risk as asbestos and tobacco


WHO or the world health organization is starting claim that many health expert and nutritionist have been making processed meat that cause serious cancer. Additionally, red meat, veal, lamb, pork and beef can cause carcinogenic. The world health organization releases that there is great evidence by twenty two scientists with comprehensive studies and literature of colorectal cancer that published in 2011 by world cancer research fund. The health expert team found consumption of processed meat and red meat can cause sixteen percent risk of cancer/100 gr. Based on one study, the increased risk include prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer.

The international agency for cancer research said that there is new evidence elevates red meat and processed meat includes sausage, bacon, sandwich meat has the same risk as asbestos and tobacco with carcinogen category. The research didn’t mention grass or organic meat decrease the risk. The cooking flame become one factor the cause of carcinogen reaction although the world health organization or WHO couldn’t state the mechanism by which this condition occur. It can be heterocyclic amines, carcinogen as form of cooked meat. It also polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and heme iron of meat that lack of paucity and fiber anti-oxidant. It was really situation as like tobacco. It is important to know that tobacco can cause lung cancer and everyone didn’t know yet the exactly which part of tobacco can cause the cancer.


This article published to state links between cancer and red meat since 1907 and the New York Times reported that 7 year epidemiological research showed meat consumer have increased risk of lung cancer.

The forks knives article reported that more widespread information about this and 2 far more research 2009 NIH AARP research which 500,000 participants and 2012 Harvard study which one hundred twenty thousand participants. The world health organization or WHO recommend that consume healthy diet with plant foods and reduce consume of red meat and processed meat. It becomes big question how long commercial red meat and processed meat know about this from their products? As with asbestos and tobacco effects, red meat and processed meat now become high risk of cancer With increasing of evidence, there is various form of cancer risk. It remains the mainstream media health network and institute to push public disclosure and label for Health Corporation to produce this product.

The world advocacy for synthetic meat and blow fast food as McDonald can be sign of experience of large development and movement to reduce world dependence from animal agriculture.

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