How to normalize your high blood pressure in just 5 minutes?

High blood pressure can happen when the walls of your arteries receive excessive pressure. It can cause some severe health issues like heart failure, loss of vision, kidney diseases, or in some cases even stroke.

The blood pressure can be affected by many different factors. Lack of sleep, obesity, alcohol, and smoking are just one of them. Blood pressure is divided into five categories: stage one hypertension, stage two hypertension, prehypertension, low and normal blood pressure.

High blood pressure symptoms

Palpitation, double vision, blurred vision, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, headaches, epistaxis, and dyspnea are the symptoms of this issue.

Older people have higher chances of having a high blood pressure, but there are also cases when even children are experiencing it. You need to remove the excess pounds, never sleep less than seven hours, reduce the intake of salty foods and alcohol, exercise regularly and eat healthily. You need to do this regularly, in order to maintain your blood pressure at normal levels.

There are also some other techniques that will normalize your blood pressure, like pressing the pressure points that are located in your body.

Touching the tissues and the muscles are often times the best way to normalize the blood pressure. Here is how to do it:

Point 1

This is a point that ranges from the middle of your clavicle to the back of your earlobe. Massage this point using your fingertips, and repeat the same process at least ten times on both sides.

Point 2

You can begin from the nose and then extend to the ear. You need to massage each side for a couple of minutes, which will help you lower your blood pressure in less than five minutes.

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