How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again

One neurotransmitter that plays many vital functions in the body and which is released by the brain is the dopamine. These are the functions:

• It controls the reward and pleasure center
• Regulates the secretion of prolactin
• It improves the cognitive functions such as memory, attention, problem solving, decision making and knowledge.
• It regulates our movement

It is very important for our overall being and happiness, therefore if we do not have enough level of the dopamine it can lead to depression, negativity, sadness and various emotional problems.

In order to increase the dopamine levels without taking any pills learn these ten natural ways:

1. Don’t Get Addicted

The pleasure we get when addicted to something like gambling, alcohol, shopping, drugs, or even sex is enormous and very satisfying. No matter how we feel when addicted it will never be a solution for any kind of problem. It can be a permanent fix but not a long-term one. We live a life full with false satisfaction and this addictive behavior makes our life miserable. For not falling under the pressure of any addiction, try to live a life full with rewards that are not material. Enjoy in a simple things like reading, talking or even a small walk around a park makes a difference. It is very important as well to find a job in which you will be pleased.

2. Checklist Small Tasks

When we organize ourself and finish any task in time our dopamine level is high, no matter how hard or simple the task is. No more worries for the tasks throughout the day, because now you can write them down and check. It is proved that dopamine levels are positively affected when we check our to-do list.


If the task is demanding and makes a change of twenty five percent then the chances of feeling incapable and not able to complete are very high. The usual situation is giving up and not having motivation. Additionally, if the task is involved less than ten percent, then it will seem too easy and not important so you would not do it. In order to balance the routine, you should perform chores that are between ten and twenty five percent. Said in different words, try doing the motivational and challenging assignments but not too demanding.
If the activity is more creative it can make you more focused and can raise the levels of dopamine. There is no need of professionalism in art to be a creative person. There are many creative things you can achieve like singing, cooking, sculpturing, painting, dancing, writing, drawing, auto repairing, knitting, or making crafts.

3. Exercise

Regardless the type of the exercise, it will sure raise the dopamine level and the levels of serotonins and endorphines as well. If you do it regularly, you will feel reduced stress level, more strength and joy important for our life. But, be aware of the addiction of the exercising.

4. Get a Streak Going

The streak is defined as a reminder in a visual way for everything you do and how many times. It is very similar to making a check list and finish every task you have remembered. In your calendar write every task you need to do on the appropriate date. For instance, if you perform your exercises on Monday, Thursday and Sunday, write it down on the days of the month. After the exercise is completed cross the day on the calendar.
The negative thing for streak is the routine. In order to resist it, find new creative ways of accomplishing your goals. This is an overview of the actions you perform and where is your state of achieving it.

5. Increase Tyrosine

The most relevant chemical for dopamine production is the tyrosine. The tyrosine is a part of the twenty two amino acids used as a producers of proteins in every body.


As dopamine, the tyrosine can as well raise the nerepinephrine levels. Various food sources can increase the tyrosine in our body and they are avocados, watermelon, almonds, dark chocolate, green tea and bananas.

6. Listen to Music

it is said that we cannot live without music and listening to it can produce dopamine but only for a short time. However, the feeling is amazing although temporary and will not fulfill you entirely. This is the reason to play music since it is one of the sources for dopamine and it is pleasurable too.

7. Meditate

There is a difference in increasing dopamine by cardio exercises and mediation. It can help you feel better, a mental energy is created and can calm your mind. If you experience many stressful situations every day this is the best thing but only if practiced regularly.

8. Take Supplements

If you prefer to take supplements then use these natural one in order to raise the dopamine level:

L-theaninecan increase neurotransmitters in the brain, one of which is dopamine. A great source of l-theanine is green tea.
Curcuminis an active ingredient in turmeric and it is also able to raise the level of dopamine.
Acetyl-l-tyrosine has the ability to improve the brain’s capacity of producing dopamine, but only if you use healthy dose.
Ginkgo Bilobais commonly known for its ability to raise the levels of dopamine in our body.

9. Toxic Cleansing

Toxic-Cleaning If you have weak immune system due to build-up of toxins and bacteria, then the production of dopamine is restricted. Therefore, clean your body from the waste and feel much better.

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