If You Have This Plant In Your Home, You Will Never Again See Spiders And Other Insects!

The most uninvited guest in every household are the spiders, since they make an image of not fully clean house. You may clean it as frequent as you want but there is constantly a small spider usually appearing in the corners of the ceiling.

It is so common problem that many housekeepers looked for a solution in the nearest market. However, we prefer the natural solution and know you can learn it and apply it in your homes.

Spiders cannot handle the smell of peppermint, imagine that! Now that you know this, buy some quality peppermint essential oil and mix it with some water. Put this in a spray container and spray everywhere you think the spiders will appear. These are usually the places you will find spider net: windows, doors, their frames, the corners of the ceiling or of the floor or any other corner in the house. After you have sprayed with the mixture, you will notice the results, since no spiders will occur ever again. It is quite useful for other insects too, so you can use it for ants, butterflies, flies, and many others. It can keep away mice as well.

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