If You Use These Two Things Your Bathroom Will Smell Wonderful for Days

Clean, fresh-smelling bathroom needs a lot of effort and time. People, especially women, spend a lot of money on expensive, commercialized sanitary products and bathroom and toilet fresheners that are packed with harmful chemicals, and at the same time don’t satisfy your expectations. But, we have excellent news for you. There is an amazing tip which can help you with this problem. Your bathroom will smell fresh for days.

Today, we are going to reveal you the best and the easiest way to make a natural air freshener for your bathroom and toilet, which is cheap, efficient, easy to make and chemical-free. And the most important thing is that its fragrance will be long-lasting!

Toilet Air-Freshener

Read carefully how to prepare this amazing natural air- freshener quick and easy.

You need:

  • Some essential oil of your choice
  • A roll of toilet paper.


It is very easy: Just drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the inner side of the roll (to which the paper is wound). That’s it. Your natural air- freshener is ready!

Now, your toilet or bathroom will smell wonderful, and your toilet paper will also smell fresh.

You can try this with different oils and your toilet or bathroom can smell differently every week. Or you can combine the smells. If you put more toilet paper rolls in your bathroom, you can use a few drops of different essential oils on each of them.

You will see the results immediately. Your bathroom will smell wonderful, and the fragrance will last until you have the paper roll where you have put the essential drops. But if you have more rolls, your bathroom will always smell excellent.

So, what are you waiting for?

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