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We all make mistakes every day, but some mistakes can affect your overall health. Today, we are going to write about a woman who had dangerous bacteria infection that almost took her life.

Actually, she made a simple mistake that a lot of women and girls do every month. It all started when she fainted in her bathroom. Her condition quickly started to worsen. Soon after the incident, she was experiencing extreme hair loss. So, she went to the health center where the doctors diagnosed her with dangerous toxic shock with a bacterial infection caused by the tampons she used.

Unfortunately, her health condition was so worse, that the specialists agreed to put her in an induced coma in order to save her life. A week later, they brought her back. The problem was that she couldn’t remember anything that happened. Her condition was so bad that she couldn’t even recognize her own children.

Her brain was completely affected by the bacterial infection. She was able to finish a sentence and she was having serious trouble to just walk. She needed about two years to recover.

A lot of experts say that if you don’t use tampons effectively, they can be very dangerous. Proper hygiene of the private parts is very important, especially during a period. Women should change the tampons often. Tampons must never be left inside for longer than 8 hours, because the wet and warm environment combined with the blood, create the perfect environment for the development of lethal bacteria.

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