Mom brings her baby boy back to life with her hug

After waiting for nearly three years, David Ogg was very happy when he heard that he is going to be a father. Yes, his wife, Kate was pregnant. Kate and David were blessed with twins but they were certainly not prepared for what was about to happen.

Kate went into labor after just 26 weeks and gave birth to a girl and a boy. Kate and David’s joy lasted for literally a couple of minutes. They were shocked when the doctor had noticed that there was something wrong with their son. The doctor asked them if they chose a name for their son, and the couple said, Jamie. Then the doctor told them that little Jamie didn’t make it.

David was not prepared for this and he collapsed next to his wife, as she held their son close to her chest. Kate asked everyone to leave the room. Then, she asked David to take off his clothes and ordered him to get in the bed with her. Kate wanted as much body heat around her son as she could get. Their son was cold and all she wanted was to make him warm and to be alive.

Kate and David held their baby boy very close to them and his head was placed on the mother’s heart. The parents were talking to their son. They told him about his little twin sister Emily, the plans that they had for him.

What happened next was incredible and a true miracle. David felt that the baby boy moved slightly and they noticed that he was breathing. They remain in the same position a little longer, making sure that the skin on skin contact was maintained. Then, the baby opened his eyes and grabbed his father’s finger. Little Jamie’s fingers were so small that they could hardly cover the tip of David’s finger. But that was more than enough to fill Kate and David’s hearts with joy. Kate said that this was the most astonishing and amazing thing that she had ever seen.

The skin to skin contact resulted in Jamie’s incredible return-says Kate. She adds that they didn’t stop touching their babies after they went home because they knew how valuable skin contact was. Kate says that it was what saved Jamie’s life.

The two twins, Jamie and Emily, are now 5 years old and in brilliant health condition. Jamie is very healthy and he has had no medical problems or conditions in the last five years.

Kate and David now run an online community and they hope to raise funds for prematurely born babies.

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