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My Clothes Were Never Pure White and Fresh Smelling after Washing, then my Neighbor Told me This Trick!

We can all agree that the stains of wine and food can be very annoying because it is very hard to wash off?

For this purpose, we usually use expensive stain cleaner products or expensive detergent, which are loaded with dangerous chemicals and cannot remove the strains.

But don’t worry because there is a very simple and easy way to clean the stains from your clothes. Continue reading and find out the most effective ways to clean the white clothes and remove the stubborn stains:

Baking Soda

Soak the clothes in a mixture of 4l of water and a cup of baking soda and wait for a few minutes. Then, you will see that the clothes will start regaining their natural color.


The woman who lives in the house next to mine, after my complaints that I cannot restore the white color of my clothes and get rid of the stains on them, recommended me the following trick for removing strains of the clothes:

Take a clean bowl and fill it with water. Then add 6 crushed aspirins in it. Soak the clothes in this mixture and wait for half an hour. Then wash them with your favorite detergent. This is a very easy way to clean all stubborn stains and make your clothes pearly white again.

Vinegar and lemon

Make a mixture of lemon juice and some vinegar. Soak your clothes in the mixture. The result will be white and stainless clothes.

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