Nothing Worse Than Having Mice in Your House. Take Note Of These 5 Home Remedies To Eliminate Them

Mice are very disgusting animals. They usually live in dark basements and spread different diseases. But sometimes mice can become visitors of our homes. A lot of people, especially women and children will scream if they see a mouse running in their house.

If you have mice visitors in your home, they will normally poke through food and walk through the cupboards between the dishes or the drawers. Can you imagine this?

Rats and mice are really serious disease generators and nobody wants to have them hanging around the house. That’s why, today we are going to inform you about some simple tricks which are extremely effective and will keep rats and mice far from your home.

1st method:

It includes the best hunters of mice of the history: The cats. As you already know, cats are hunting experts and there are no mice found in the houses where there is a cat. Cats have basically nocturnal habits and they are able to eliminate mice. Dogs are also very useful for this problem.

2nd method:

Soft drinks are bad to people’s health, and for mice they are completely dangerous since the gas they contain. Just put a soda in a bowl in places where you expect the mice to circulate and in a day or two you will find some mice dead.

3rd method:

Have you ever heard of the plaster of Paris? It is a fast drying plaster that is commonly used to cover skies. But it is also very effective for removing mice. Just put some flour and a particle of Paris plaster in a dish, add a tablespoon of salt and leave it in the entrance of your home or in places where you expect to see the mice. Mice will be attracted by the mixture of flour and salt but the most important part is the plaster of Paris and water. If the mice consume the first mixture, the salt will make them feel thirsty and if they drink the water, it will harden the plaster that they had consumed. This will kill the mice.

4th method:

This method includes chocolate powder. Mix flour with cocoa, plaster of Paris and water. This will work similarly as the previous method and will definitely kill the mice.

5th method:

This method does not kill the mice but keeps them away. Just place cayenne pepper in a bowl or sprinkle it in corners. You can also use cloves in the cupboards to keep them away.

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