Palm reading: lines relating to love, marriage, and children

We usually don’t notice or think about the lines on our body. But here and now we have some facts that you should know about them, especially on your palms.

You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to discover what the future might bring to you. Just look attentively at your hands and they’ll show you your family, children and marriage facts!

Marriage Line

The most important and connected to other lines on your palm is your Marriage Line. There could be several Marriage Lines. If the line or lines are long it means they lead to marriage, if they are short it means you are just deeply affected or connected to that person.

Heart Line

An early marriage can happen to you if your Heart Line is deep and close to the Line of Marriage. Straight and clear lines on the Mount of Mercury are evidence of a happy marriage. If there are several marriage lines on your palm, you may have a few marriages, the deepest line shows the most important and long unionty.

Be careful, if one of the lines ends with a “fork”!

This may mean the marriage will end with a divorce or worse, with a death. If you see a line with breaks in it, it actually means breaks in mutual life with your partner. Some parallel lines next to the Marriage Line show you are insincere with your partner and have another parallel relationship. If your Marriage Line is curved and touches the Heart Line, this points to your heart connection with this person.

Generally, all lines are as unique as any human is, and some interpretations of lines may have different meanings.


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