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Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals! 5 Brands You Should Avoid

Even though there is a new modern way of washing the dishes with a dishwasher, the majority of people are still practicing the traditional washing by hands, using sponge, water and dish soap. But, did you know that these soaps are very dangerous for your body?

One of the dish soaps that you should never use is the popular brand Palmolive. It is owned by the company Colgate, with $16 billion sales all around the world.

The best selling dish soap by Palmolive is Dawn, which is rated among the top 5. This means that many people are exposed to its toxic substances.

What Are the Dangerous Chemicals Found In Palmolive?

1. Silicate Salts

This chemical is used in the Eco line of dish soaps. It is used to control the pH but can harm the respiratory tract and the lungs. If this chemical gets into touch with the eyes and skin, causes harmful consequences such as severe itching and redness. It can even damage the eye tissue.

2. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen which affects the respiratory system. FDA considers that small amounts of this substance are safe, but the continuous contact with it can cause cancer. Trace amounts can be found in Palmolive’s preservatives, but the company guarantees that they will be completely removed from the products in 2017.

3. Sulfuric Acid

If you have been exposed to large amounts of this detergent, it means that you might develop respiratory issues, skin irritation or allergies.

4. Fragrances

We will agree that they are pleasant, but the fragrances may have a negative effect on your health. As it was stated in several studies, pentasodium pentetate irritates your skin, but further examination is still needed.

5. Ammonium Sulfate

This is an exceptionally toxic substance and if there is a contact with your skin or eyes, it can damage your vision, especially if they are not washed properly.

Here’s a list of brands of dish soaps you should use:

  • Ecover
  • Better Life
  • Method
  • Puracy
  • Seventh Generation

Avoid the following ones:

  • Ajax
  • Cucina
  • Dawn
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Meyer

As we can see, these chemicals can be very harmful, but that doesn’t mean that you should not use dish soap. But one thing is for sure-pay attention to the ingredients of the dish soaps next time you are buying them.

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