Ranking the ‘ideal woman’ according to Zodiac signs

There is no doubt that every woman is special and unique in her own way. But it is obvious that there are also women who are all about being the most noticeable if not to say best at everything. Why is that? Of course, it is true that we all share different traits of character and while some of us are more reserved, the others are not so much. But there is something else – the stars!

The truth is basically your Zodiac sign can tell a lot more about you than you can. That is why we decided it may be interesting to read about what type of woman you depend on the zodiac sign. So, we suggest to your attention the list of the least to most ideal women according to the zodiac.

#1 Gemini

You are all about getting the best for yourself, and it does not bother you how ideal you may be. You just live your life the way you like without trying to fit the ideal. Besides, you can always find the one to whom you will be perfect.

#2 Virgo

You are a tricky woman, and you can easily adapt to the circumstances. If you want it – you will be the queen, but you do not need it, that is the truth.

#3 Sagittarius

You are pretty ideal but to some extent. You have a lot of admirers, but they are attracted to you mostly due to your unpredictability. It is never boring when you are around.

#4 Aries

You are so close and so far away from being ideal. You are beautiful, wise and energetic but all these things seem to scare men away. Of course, there are few courageous ones to try to tame you, but just a few, remember that.

#5 Capricorn

You do not get the idea why you should be so perfect. You live your life, and you enjoy it. You feel at ease at home, but you can magically transform when needed.

#6 Taurus

You are very feminine. What is more, you are a perfect actress, you can play anything well, but sometimes you masculine side takes over, and your true nature is not so perfect at all.

#7 Aquarius

You are very smart and gorgeous, and everyone likes you, but you are not that much into loving someone. You are a great friend but not a lover that is what makes you not ideal for most.

#8 Cancer

You are very close to being considered ideal. But you get too easily drawn to the role of the mother which makes you lose all those attractive features that would make you an ideal of a woman.

#9 Pisces

You can easily play the victim and men like it, truth be told, but as the time passes you wish to be left alone, and that is not that attractive at all.

#10 Leo

You can rule the world, and you know it. What is more, you are eager to deal aggressively with all of your opponents, and that is why you are not so perfect.

#11 Scorpio

Just one glance at you and a man loses its head. You are beautiful and smart, and you are perfectly aware of it. That is why you use all of your abilities over men. That is why you are just a step away from being the ideal.

#12 Libra

You possess all that a perfect woman should. People are drawn to you like a moth to the flame, but you never take advantage of it. You just live your happy life, and that is great.

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