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Every women’s biggest wish is having an attractive and gorgeous body. Even though, many articles on the Internet say that perfect body is not possible, the science has a totally different theory.

A group of scientists reveal how the ideal body of a woman looks like.

As we grow and develop, we go through different changes and challenges. Moreover, the fashion industries and magazines impose skinny bodies as the perfect ones. On top of it, they are presented as the healthiest ones.

Plus, those models are being tortured in order to fit those designs, which can be wore only by very skinny people.

The University of Texas, conducted a study and their purpose was on defining the ideal body of a woman. The final results showed that the ideal woman is 1.68 m tall and has the following measurements: 99-63-91 bust, weight, and hip, as opposed to the standard format 90/60/90/.

In the opinion of many scientists, the model, actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook is a perfect example of the world’s ideal figure. The scientists associate her body with fertility and attractiveness. Many studies have proven that men are attracted to women who have similar figure to Kelly. Men confirm that they prefer curvy women to skinny women, as they find them very attractive.

Watch the video below to find out more information about female body types throughout history.

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