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She Eats Even 50 Bananas a Day: Today, Her Body Looks Unrecognizable !

Lin Ratcliffe is the most popular Internet star. She has more than 450,000 followers on Instagram. People usually call her banana girl because she eats up to 50 bananas every day! According to her, this is the diet that keeps her fit.

She has even created her own diet plan, named Raw till 4 diet. Yes, she consumes only raw fruit until 4 in the afternoon, and for dinner, she always has a vegan meal with carbohydrates.

She says that consuming 50 bananas a day helped her to lose almost 20 kg. Lin has inspired numerous women to follow her unique diet. But, is this diet healthy?

The famous nutritionist, EvangelinaMantzioris, says that diets like this one are not good for the body at all because the body does not get some of the most important vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals such as calcium. Additionally, too much fructose that you receive from fruit is equal to several cans of Coke per day.

Raw till 4 diet is not supported by any scientific facts, but the results are amazing. Fruit is essential for nutrition, but only two portions a day are enough.

What do you think about eating 50 bananas every day?

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