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SHOCKING! FDA Approves Candy-Flavored Meth For Children Despite The Fact That Has Side Effects That Can Cause Heart Attacks!

The FDA has approved the use of candy-flavored amphetamine for children at the age of six or older that have been diagnosed with ADHD. Believed or not, even the label itself says that this item has high capacity of addiction and abuse which may warn parents to think twice before giving this product to their children. This way children can easily become addicted to drugs.

The main active ingredients in the drug make it very addictive. Additionally, the sweet taste makes the children to ask for more. Scientists and medical specialist around the world are worried because this product may cause addition. But, unfortunately, the company Neos Therapeutics is still producing this drug.

This company is producing this new kind of meth under the name Adzenys XR-ODT.VipinGarg, the CEO of the company, says that they are working hard to finish before the school season. This company is not worried about the possible negative outcomes. Actually they hired 125 sales representatives to make appointments with doctors to place this new kind of drug on the market.

It may sounds strange, but the government is trying to ban cannabisand on the other hand it is pushing meth, because these meth gummies can be easily controlled and will bring them profit.

FDA and the company claim that these drugs pose no danger to our health. However, people are not convinced because more and more grownups start to use medications such as Adderall which have a lot of negative effects that vary from mild to severe, including death.

A teacher of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University, Dr. Carl Hart, says:

People are aware that methamphetamine produces almost identical results to those produced by the popular ADHD medication d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine) known as Adderall.

The negative side effects include precariously hypertension, fever, hair loss, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, and strokes, which suggests that there are no benefits for children if they take this drug instead Adderall. Despite the evidence that this drug is very dangerous and that it can cause death, FDA says that it is safe and efficient in the fight against narcolepsy and ADHD.


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