The easiest way to lose weight! One tablespoonful of this ingredient will help you go down 30 pounds in 30 days!

The best way to lose weight is speeding up the metabolism. You can find a lot of foods that can help you with this, but you should also be very careful with the spices you use.

For the purposes of a recent study conducted by the scientists from the Medical Science University of Iran, they divided the 88 obese women into 2 groups.

Both groups had to eat healthy foods and they had to consume less than 500 calories a day. The only difference between the groups was the spices they used. The first group consumed 140 gr. Of yogurt with 3 gr. of cumin every morning and the second group consumed the yogurt but without the cumin.

The group number one showed amazing results. After only 30 days, they managed to lose 30 pounds more than the group number two. The first group lost 14.64% fat and the second group lost only 4.91%.

Cumin contains a substance called filosterole. This powerful substance prevents the cholesterol retention in the body. So, cumin speeds up the metabolism and can help you lose weight.

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