The exercise that every woman should practice, according to doctors

Do you know that it is possible to maintain woman’s healthy in a good state just by performing one simple exercise? Despite most women usually ignore this exercise, it is very easy to perform and it may have really mind-blowing effect on your health!

The exercise we are talking about is called “Butterfly”. It may help improve blood circulation of the pelvic organs, strengthen the uterus, relieve pain during menstruation, and relax pelvic floor.

Moreover, this exercise may help keep your kidney and urogenital system healthy and helps prevent varicose veins, radiculitis and hernia. It can be performed by pregnant women, as it strengthens the uterus and eases childbirth pain.

In this article, we would like to tell you how to perform this amazing exercise. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this article right now.

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How to perform this exercise

#1. Sit down with your legs crossed.

#2. Connect your heels, take your feet with your hands and put them closer to your pelvic area. Straighten your back and tighten up your belly and chest. Lower your chin and press your calf muscles to the inner surface of your thighs.

#3. Lower your hips as low as possible to the floor, until they lie on the floor completely.

#4. Breathe slowly and stay in this position for one minute. Make sure you will increase the duration of this exercise next time.

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The list of things you can do, in order to facilitate the exercise:

– You may put a wooden block under your buttocks.

– It is not necessary to grab your feet with your hands, you may grab your ankles or use a belt.

– It is not necessary to sit with a straight back, you can lean on the wall.

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The list of things you can do, in order to make this exercise more difficult:

– Unfold the soles of your feet upwards by using your palms connecting the inner edges of your feet.

– Pulling the back from the coccyx to the top, lower the body forward and put your forehead on the floor. Don’t pull the buttocks off the floor, extend your corpus forward.

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If you want to get noticeable results, you need to perform this easy exercise every day. Believe us, it is very easy and it is beneficial for every woman.


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