The Hidden Terror of Unsustainable Demand

People, especially here in the U.S., are very sensitive to topics related to Fast Food. We are #1 in the world when it comes to eating those products.

Yes! We always excuse with the words ‘no time for a decent meal’ and similar. We all know that Fast-food chains have spread everywhere in the world. But, they are most popular in our country.

But, let’s look deeper at just what it takes before that hamburger comes to the plate in front of us.

The Hidden Terror of Unsustainable Demand

Many videos and documentaries show the horrible slaughter of animals in slaughterhouses and factories.

The number of people who continue consuming the product of such slaughter is still high. So, you watch the terrible video, play witness to the horrible and inhumane processes, and you might choose to go vegetarian.

But many of new vegetarians find it hard or even impossible to stay vegetarian forever. Most of them do this a month or even less.

Still, it’s all Black and White

This sounds like a campaign forcing someone to quit meat-eating habits in favor of a healthier life.

Still, we are omnivorous creatures, consuming anything from greens to other living beings. It is the circle of life.

We differ from our other mammal. A sense of ethical and moral consciousness has become normal in the mind of almost all modern Homo sapiens.

It is strange how people continue consuming meat, knowing that animals are murdered for that purpose and not really caring about it at all.

We upturn our nose in disgust at the ordinary notion of cannibalism, because that would mean consuming the flesh of one of our own. But are we really that subjective?

It is completely wrong to consume humans, but consuming anything else living and breathing is perfectly fine. Of course, nowadays some animals are protected, and we avoid consuming their meat.

These animals are protected by law, just like us. Westerners are horrified at the idea of some cultures consuming dogs.

They think that they are better than the people from other cultures because they know dogs are loyal companions and beloved pets, not food.

The dogs are considered more special animals than other species.

What Makes This’ Wrong and ‘That’ Right?

But, why are chickens automatically thought of as poultry, cattle as beef, pigs as pork, etc.?

The upsetting conditions in which they are treated are terrible.

Let us be honest. Some people eat as much food as they can.

Here the concept of nutritive value goes out the window because there isn’t a single person who can justify themselves that way.

And here’s the biggest stroke of all. A lot of people who consume too much take the chirurgical step of removing it.

Once again, we think that we are moral creatures and we are proud of our sense of doing what we believe to be right. Maybe we should think about that one again.


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