The most alkaline foods in the world. Eat more of these foods to prevent heart failure, obesity and cancer!

Fast foods, genetically modified foods, and processed foods will put our bodies through a lot, but we also need to consider what these types of foods do to our pH levels.

The human organism needs to be alkaline and eating foods that are poor means that we are also eating foods that are too acidic. When we do this, we are changing the pH values of our bodies too acidic, which affects our immune system and makes us more susceptible to diseases.

In this article, we are going to show you some foods that are considered to be the best alkaline foods and can bring your pH values back to normal.

  • Swiss chard – it is a great alkaline food that also contains antibacterial and antiviral properties, that can eliminate the free radicals from your body.
  • Melon – any type of melon is great for cleansing the colon, and it has a pH value of 8.5, which makes them alkaline. Watermelon is great for you because it contains 92% water and high amounts of fiber.
  • Buckwheat – it is a great way to replace wheat, and it will allow you to start your day by improving your energy and prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Olive oil – it is a tasty oil that is packed in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Flaxseed – not only flaxseeds are alkaline, they are also high in vitamin E and fibers. They will reduce inflammation and hot flashes in women that are in their menopausal period.

Other foods that are alkaline:

  • Avocados – contains monounsaturated fats that improve the health of your heart.
  • Berries –they are high in antioxidants
  • Carrots – they contain beta-carotene and they will improve your eyesight
  • Garlic – can regulate your blood pressure
  • Broccoli – it can lower your cholesterol levels
  • Grapes – they contain multivitamins and antioxidants, and they will also lower your blood pressure.
  • Pineapple – it will aid you in weight loss
  • Lemons – despite being acidic in taste, lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods on the planet. They can also relieve colds, flu, and coughs.
  • Brussels sprouts – they can prevent cancer
  • Cauliflower – it is a really healthy substitute for bread.
  • Grapefruit – a great source of vitamins C and A.
  • Seaweeds – they contain tons of iron and are extremely powerful acid reducers.
  • Quinoa – will maintain the levels of your blood sugar normal.
  • Cucumbers – they contain 90 percent water and they will keep your skin youthful and healthy.
  • Parsley – they will clean your intestines
  • Spinach – Spinach is a vegetable that is extremely healthy and it contains tons of vitamins.
  • Oranges – they are great for treating colds
  • Papaya – it acts as a natural laxative that will clean your colon clean.

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