The most friendly zodiac signs ranked

It is only human to want to seek some comfort, attention, and support from others. That is why we make friends. Of course, some people are luckier while choosing friends, so are not that much. But if you belong to the first category, you may end up with lifelong friends who will go with you through everything.

It is true that people are all different, but there are still things that connect us. Whether you believe it or not but we are going to tell you that some people make better friends than others. Why is that? We think it is connected with the universe and astrology in particular. That is why we are going to treat you with our special list of zodiac signs who make best friends and who make worst.

#1. Libra seeks peace most, and that is what makes them best friend material. What is more, they are ready to help others even at their own cost, if you need a friend looking out for you – Libra it is!

#2. Pisces difficult to understand but they are true and loyal friends that is for sure. If you want to be loved by your friend – you should make one with Pisces!

#3. Sagittarius is right for a right person. The thing is that Sagittarius loves everything new, especially adventures and if you share the same adventurous spirit – this is the sign of your best-friend-to-be!

#4. Virgo is difficult at a time with all that order obsession and such. But in the long run, they are great at communication not to mention the love and dedication they have for the ones they care about. There will be no difficult situation a Virgo wouldn’t help you with!

#5. Capricorn is one of those devoted friends you meet once in a lifetime. Even though they are very quiet – once they find the right person they open up fully. They will do anything for people they love!

#6. Cancer is quite difficult to make friends with because they are deeply emotional and they try to hide it deep. They do what they want or need, but once you are friends with them, they will do anything for you too.

#7. Gemini is fun to be around with but when it comes to making friends that is when the difficulties may arise. Tough, if you overcome them and prove Gemini that you are worth being their friend they will go with you until the end.

#8. Taurus acts first asks questions later which means they are ready to do anything with you or for you just because you ask them but unless it is something not too adventurous or crazy.

#9. Scorpios are great friends, loyal and protective but they can get too carried away with arguments. What is more, they have almost no sense of control and if you are ready to put up with that – then you have found your best friend.

#10. Leo is a loyal friend with long tongue and self-interest. If you are able to deal with that – then they can be pretty good friends.

#11.Aquarius likes to work alone mostly that is why it is difficult to get too friendly with them.

#12.Aries is stubborn, and it can serve you both good and bad. That is why you need to be fully prepared to deal with such a friend, but if you are not seeking easy ways – that is exactly the kind of a friend you need!

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