The secret of attracting money

If you do not want to make ends meet, you need to work hard. However, it’s no secret that not every job can bring a good income. Most people want to live in clover, but not everyone succeeds. What should you do if you are not satisfied with your income? What kind of work can bring lots of money?

Let’s start with the fact that you control your life and everything is in your hands. What about the mind power? You can attract money into your life with the help of statements. In fact, you can use any statement you’d like in order to attract money. The most important thing is to believe that what you say can happen, and to be ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill the desire.

If you want to make your statement effective, you need to be practical and use your common sense. You also need to be ready to work and follow ideas and opportunities, and not just passively wait for the money to come.

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Money statements, with the correct repetition, will be able to motivate you, charge with energy and open your mind to see opportunities. Otherwise, you would not see them. It is not simple. You also need to take action and take advantage of the opportunities that will come to you.

If you decide to use the statement to create a certain monthly amount, ask yourself if you really feel comfortable working with this amount. Think about whether you can handle it. Do you think that you are ready for the changes in your life that you might need to do to materialize money?

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Most often, success is a gradual process. When you use money statements, you can open new chances, for example, you will be offered additional work. Think carefully before saying: “No, I will not accept this offer, because I expect lots of money.”

Small amounts can come in large quantities. If you are only going to wait for the arrival of large sums of money at once, this means that you are either lazy, or you want to get something, without giving anything in return, for example, time or effort.

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You should remember that even small opportunities can lead to financial success. Do not neutralize the energy that you create through the statements, while remaining passive – you need to act and go towards the money.

Sometimes, there is a subconscious internal resistance that can disrupt the statement, so you need to analyze what you think and feel about money. It is often more practical to start with small amounts to gain confidence, and then switch to larger amounts.

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Also, think about whether you want money, or what you can buy for money. You can use money statements to get money or get the desired thing. Statements can be used not only for money or property, but also for creating positive habits, improving your life, and creating success in any area of your life.

Here are examples of money statements:

  • Money is good. – I love money.
  • I release all resistance to money.
  • I like to be rich.
  • I am a money magnet and attract money constantly.
  • The money-making ideas come to me easily.
  • I’m getting richer day by day.
  • An abundance of money is available to me in this world.
  • I get an abundance of money.
  • My bank account is growing fast.
  • I always have more income than expenses. The more money I give, the more money I get in return.


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