The shape of your hand can say a lot about you

If you look at someone’s hand, it can actually give you an accurate indication of what that person is like, or what they do.

For an example, a manual laborer can have a calloused hand, or someone can have a hand that is tinted in pain, or another person can have a manicured set of nails that hints that he/she is a person that cares about their looks.

Aside from that, millions of people around the world firmly believe that the palm is the thing that holds all the secrets. You can also tell a lot about a certain individual by looking at the size and shape of their hands, or even the length of their fingers.

There are four different hand shapes, with different finger lengths and structures, and all of these characteristics are linked to different aspects of the human nature.

  1. Fire type

Fire types are the individuals that have larger and broader palms, with thicker and shorter fingers. The people that belong to this group are usually natural leaders. They are great when it comes to taking charge and leading the groups. They can also be very passionate and quite stubborn. This is usually determined by the length of their fingers. The fire type is also very often in the center of attention because of their charismatic and charming nature. They are great when it comes to sports and other physical activities.

  1. Earth type

People that belong to this group have a square-shaped palm and short fingers. They are practical, mild-mannered and down-to-earth people. This helps them making new friendships because other people view them as likable and trustworthy.

  1. Air type

These people have rectangular-shaped palms, and they have fingers that are as long as their palms. They are very intelligent and bright. They are also great at negotiation, communication and they have a great, analytical minds. Because of their intellect they can be seen as introverts, which can make them feel like they are unable to connect with other people.

  1. Water type

Water types have palms that are much narrower and oval, with lean long fingers. Their minds are always active and creative and they also are big dreamers. They are more spiritual and sensitive and can be in touch with their inner emotions. These people also like to take part in charities and volunteering activities.

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