The top 10 types of women who make guys go crazy

The question on what type of woman men prefer most is as old as the world itself. The thing is that there is no one-for-all type of a woman, different men prefer various women. But there is still something in common and something you can surely try to play off when it comes to attracting a man of your dreams.

To tell you the truth we have rounded up ten types of women that men are most attracted to. We agree that some of them may be surprising to find out but you can always stick to your preferences and to find the image that suits you most, or you can experiment to find out which type is the most successful.

#1. Child

Men like to be strong and taking care of a child – what can be cuter than that? Though, you shouldn’t go too far with the role since sometimes men prefer a mature woman at the side, despite all the fun and cuteness.

#2. Mystery

Men like mysterious women since it is nice to constantly discover something about the women you thought you knew. Have some secrets on your side!

#3. Active

These days all women try to be as active as possible and to tell you the truth that turns many men on!

#4. Confident

This type attracts men because it is nice to have someone that you can rely on from time to time. But it is important for women not to take it over the edge otherwise you may scare men away.

#5. Mother

Every man is a grown-up child, and that is why he always needs a caring mom at his side, but you shouldn’t take it too far here as well.

#6. Diva

Of course, men are head over heels about such ladies, but they are usually afraid of them at the same time. That is why if you are one of them – you better give him a sign.

#7. Weirdo

Everyone likes to have fun, and there is no one to spend time better with than your weirdo girlfriend!

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