This Ancient Face Map Will Tell You What Disease You Have and How to Cure It!

In traditional Chinese medicine, medical practitioners, have been reading the face for centuries. They were able to find out all the health problems in one’s body.

This is not a joke and the explanation very logical. The skin on the face is very thin and sensitive. So if there is something wrong with you, your face skin becomes visible on the form of a rash, lesions, spots, or complexion change.

This ancient technique links every part on the face to a part of the body. Here is how to read your face map in order to detect any illnesses, followed by possible solutions.

1. Forehead – Digestive system problems

Digestive system problems can be caused by over-consumption of processed foods, fats, and sugars. Excessive consumption of alcohol and stress can also causeimpaired digestion.

Solution: Avoid stress, have a quality night sleep and avoid consuming alcohol. Drink two liters of water a day and consume more raw foods.

2. Eyebrow arch – Kidney issues

Kidneys problems can be caused by smoking, heart problems, too much alcohol, or poor blood circulation.

Solution: drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol, coffee, and drinks that contain added sugars.

3. Between the eyebrows – Liver problems

Too much meat consumption and chronic exhaustion can cause liver problems. Sometimes food allergies can causeliver problems as well.

Solution: consume more raw foods, avoid stress, be physically active, and calm down by practicing meditation or yoga.

4. Nose- Cardiovascular diseases

Bloating, impaired circulation, stomach acidity, and polluted air can all cause high blood pressure or heart problems.

Solution: Visit your specialist and check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consume organic green tea and be physically active.

5. Cheekbones — Lungs

Smoking and air pollution can cause asthma or other breathing problems. Dark shades around your eyes can reveal this condition.

Solution: If you smoke-quit smoking immediately. Reduce your exposure to polluted air and cigarette smoke. Be physically active.

6. Cheeks- Kidneys and lungs

If you notice unusual changes around your cheeks, they might be caused by smoking, high-stress levels, too much sugar, or poor diet.

Solution: Consult a nutritionist and use high-quality beauty products.

7. Chin and Mouth — Stomach

Too much alcohol, spices, sugar, fats, and coffee can upset your stomach. But sometimes, irregular sleeping patterns and high-stress levels can also cause stomach problems.

Solution: Consume more raw foods, vegetables and fruits. Avoid spicy and fatty foods. If the problem doesn’t go away after some time, consult your specialist or a nutritionist.

8. Neck and Jaw- Hormonal imbalance

Coffee, and spicy and salty foods can cause hormonal imbalance.

Solution: Avoid the above-mentioned products – spices, salt, and caffeine and drinkat least 2 liters of water every day.

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