This banana smoothie recipe will help you burn stomach fat in no time!

Many people believe that bananas can lead to weight gain, but this is simply not true. They can provide a lot of health benefits and they can also help with the process of weight loss.

If you use the bananas right and you combine them with the right ingredients, they can be more beneficial than you might think. They can help in the process of burning fat and can aid in weight loss.

You can use bananas in numerous recipes for desserts and smoothies, or you can eat them raw. It does not matter in which way you consume them, you must know that they cannot be bad for your health.

But, you must remember that you need to take care of the quantity of the ingredients you combine with the bananas. Bananas are packed with tons of potassium that can help you remove excess toxins and contaminants from your body and also achieve strong muscles.

They contain tons of minerals and vitamins, and tons of nutritious substances that can benefit the human body. The recipe that we are going to talk about today, will help you burn stomach fat in no time at all!

By consuming it regularly, it will speed up your metabolism, which will lead to the excess of fat dissolving.


  • One banana
  • Half a glass of fat-free Greek yogurt
  • Quarter tablespoon of ginger powder
  • One tablespoon of whey powder
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Two tablespoons of flax seed

How to prepare it:

You need to put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them together, until you get a homogenous mixture. Then, transfer the mixture into a glass and your beverage is ready. You can consume this smoothie every morning, after waking up, on an empty stomach. It will help you begin your day in a very nutritious and healthy way. It will kick-start your metabolism and it will make your body function in an optimal manner for the rest of the day.

Consume this smoothie regularly so you can improve numerous issues in your body. Make sure that you also perform exercises that will work well in a combination with the smoothie, in order to burn that extra fat much faster.

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