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This man spent over 25 years in isolation to create a breathtaking masterwork that inspires people around the world!

Ra Paulette is the person who spent more than 25 years in a cave in New Mexico. During his isolation from the world, he wasn’t wasting the time, but he was creating something precious. He was in the cave with his pet, a dog.

He managed to carve sandstone into outstanding pieces of art. All the time, he was enjoying what he was doing and he doesn’t feel sorry for the time spent in the cave because loves his hobby. Ra Paulette looks on his unique pieces of art as environmental projects.

He wanted to inspire the people, so he decided to share his story with the world. The magic Mr. Paulette created in the underground cave is remarkable and inspires people around the world, but still, he doesn’t consider himself as an artist. He says that he is like any other man who expresses his sense of wonder in a unique way.

There is also a documentary about Mr. Ra Paulette and his breathtaking masterwork. His documentary called “Cave Digger” has even won an academy award.

Watch the following video that reveals more about this magnificent masterwork and gives you an insight into the rest of this fascinating story.

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