Say goodbye to back and belly fat in just a few steps!

A revolutionary technique that takes up only 4 minutes of your time, and will give you the body you desire! Repeat up to 28 days and see visually improved body, more durable stamina and less body fat percentage.

The human body gets easily accustomed to a certain type of exercise when repeated daily for a longer period of time. It is nice to mix it up a bit and try something different and new. Of course all body transformation takes time and effort, but this exercise is the right way to go. You will see the first results in 28 days. I invite you to a thing called the Plank Challenge . The way it works is this, for the first week you do planks from 20 seconds up to 1 minute and repeat daily, than every week increase the length of the exercise up to 4 minutes.

For a more specific workout plan follow this timetable:

Day 1 and 2: The goal is the hold the plank for 20 seconds.
Day 3 and 4: Make that up to 30 second this time.
Day 5: The target is 40 seconds.
Day 6: You deserve a break, and let your body heal with good nutrition.
Day 7 and 8: Try to hold for 45 minutes.
Days 9 through 11: Are you up to the challenge of an entire minute?
Day 12: 90 seconds.
Day 13: Rest again.
Days 14 through 17: 120 second.Tricky huh?
Day 18: Aim for 150 seconds.
Day 19: Day off.
Day 20 and 21: Another 150 seconds.
Day 22 and 23: 180 seconds.
Day 24: Break.
Days 25 through 28: 240 seconds or as long as you can!

It is recommended that you repeat as much as you can since it is the motherload of workouts and it gives you a total muscle practise! Happy planking!

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