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Tips to remove BLACK+WHITE HEADS Naturally

Blackheads are very common blocked pores and they can be also very annoying. They appear when your pores become clogged with excess sebum (oily substance) and dead skin cells. The only difference between the blackheads and whiteheads is whether the pore is open or closed (the black being open, and the white one closed). This is the first stage of pimples of acne, as blackheads can develop into pimples. They are not an actual menace to your health, but of course that you hate when they come up on some visible part of your body or face. Definitely, they are a big aesthetic problem and you cannot pretend that you are ok with that. They usually occur on the nose and one of your first reactions is undoubtedly, frustration.


Unfortunately, there is no standard cure for removing blackheads. But don’t worry. We are offering you the a completely natural way of treating them. As getting rid of them is the immediate thing you wish to do, here you have two very useful tips. The best thing about them is that they have no side-effects, so your skin is perfectly safe.


This mask will help you to remove these dark spots plus it will prevent their occurrence in future. Egg whites contain nutrients in their structure, making them perfect protectors of the health of your skin in general.

You will need:

– One egg;
– A clean towel;
– A small bowl;
– Some toilet paper or a facial tissue

1st step: Separate the yolk from the egg white.
2nd step: Clean your face.
3rd step: Dry your face by patting.
4th step: Apply a thin layer of egg white on your skin.
5th step; Make sure you keep the toilet paper on the egg whites and press gently.
6th step: The layer should dry, so keep it for a while.
7th step: Now, put a second layer over the paper. Carefully, because the paper is not supposed to slide off.
8th step: This layer would also need time to dry.

You will feel your face tight when the mask is dry.

10th step: Peel off the mask and remove any residues.
11th step: Pat to dry and use some moisturizer.
You can apply third layer, but this it’s not compulsory. Apply if you feel the need to.


We all know about the numerous health benefits of honey and its most positive influence on the skin. Its anti-bacterial properties keep the bacteria which cause acnes away. It is also good for prevention. Cinnamon on the other side improves your circulation, so together with honey create an ideal duo in cleaning your skin. This mixture is the key to soft, glowing, flawless skin. Skin with no blackheads.

You will need:

– Organic and raw honey;
– Cinnamon powder;
– Clean cotton strips.

1st step: Make a mixture of cinnamon and honey.
2nd step: Apply a thin layer on the blackheads.
3rd step: Place some cotton over the spot.
4th step: Leave it like that 3-5 minutes.
5th step: Remove the layer and clean.
6t step: Use some moisturizer.

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