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Top Reasons You Should Be Eating Celery Every Day

Celery originally comes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, but it is used throughout the whole world. The best thing about celery is that every part of it can be used in various ways enrich the taste of the food.

This vegetable is abundant in essential vitamins and minerals. It contains folic acid and potassium that our body needs to keep its performance at a balanced level. Its high amount of vitamin C strengthens your immune system, hence preventing many diseases.

Why you should be eating celery more often?

Here you have a list of 9 strong reasons to do that.

1. It lowers down the bad cholesterol

Celery contains phthalides which promote the production of bile acids that act to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood. All you should do is consuming two sticks of celery in a day.

2. It is a natural diuretic

Its high levels of potassium and sodium make this vegetable a powerful diuretic. It also helps with eliminating accumulated toxins from your body.

3. It reduces inflammation

Its potent compounds help in the prevention of multiple types of cancer, specifically ovarian cancer.

4. It helps with bladder infections

Since celery contains anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, celery is a very efficient natural solution when it comes to flushing gallstones from the body and treating bladder infections.

5. It is a natural remedy for your oral health and treating bad breath

Bad breath occurs as a result of poor hygiene, or to be more specific bacteria eating food stuck in the gums and teeth. If you chew on a piece of celery you will refresh your breath, because celery acts to dislodge food.

6. Helps with weight loss

One stalk of celery on average has only 15 calories in it. The presence of fiber in it, will make you feel fuller for longer period of time. You can eat a bunch of celery without worrying that you are going to gain weight.

7. It reduces menstrual symptoms

Almost 50 compounds in celery work to alleviate menstrual problems like: bloating, headaches, and abdominal pain. If you experience hot flashes during your menstrual cycle, the phytochemical anethole in celery helps to dealt with it.

8. It protects the health of your eyes

The abundance of nutrients found in celery protect your eyes from macular degeneration. In a single large celery stalk can be found at least 10% of vitamin A, which is your daily recommended dose. Vitamin A keeps your eye health.

9. It increases your libido

Include celery in your food list and sex drive naturally. Celery contains androstenol and androstenone, which will rev up your sex life.

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