Do You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? This Is What It Means

Our body has its own internal clocks and mechanisms which control the function and work of the body parts.

The famous Chinese medicine considers that the human body has different energies to different organs within the 24-hour cycle.

If you notice that you wake up at the same time every night, it means that the energy in the body is somehow blocked, spiritually or physically, and the natural balance of the body is disordered.

The list below reveals the wake-up times and their connection to the body parts, which will help you to find out the cause of your symptoms:

9 pm To 11 pm

During this period, your endocrine system refills the enzymes and restores its balance.
The endocrine system controls the hormones and the metabolism, so if you notice that you wake up or if you notice that you have problems to fall asleep at this time, it might be a result of consuming heavy meals or a poor diet, but sometimes it can be a result of the stress during the day or some necessary worries about the following day.

11 pm To 1 am

During the period between 11 pm to 1 pm the yin energy converts into yang, so if you notice that you often wake up during this period it might be connected with an anger in you.
Yang energy is very energetic, so you should be positive, calm, full of love, and you should you’re your energy for the following day. If you have a problem with sleeping it might be caused by a problem with the gallbladder.

1 am To 3 am

During this period of the night, your liver releases the toxins. This is a period of body renewal because your blood is clean and fresh. Waking up in this period of night can be connected with some liver problems or can be a result of anger and frustration.

3 am To 5 am

This period of night is connected with your lungs. Waking up during this period means that feel sad and disappointed, but some breathing techniques can help you with this.
Sometimes it can mean an increasing of the vibrational levels, which can lead to lucid dreaming, feeling cold, appetite changes, or sensitivity to unusual sounds.

5 am To 7 am

During this period, the large intestine is really active. It breaks down poisons in your body and removes them very fast. Waking up during this period can be caused by late dinner or poor nutrition.

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