WARNING!! Do Not Eat This Part Of The Chicken!

There is nothing invented in this story that you are about to read. It was actually sent to us by one of our readers. Our reader want to warn all women of this possible danger.

As stated by our viewer, some woman, not long ago, had some type of growth in her womb, and therefore she underwent a surgery to get her cyst removed. But, after she woke up the most shocking thing happened to her. She found out that the cyst was filled with dark colored blood. However, she thought that that is something normal and her recovery will be fast anyway. But, unfortunately, her hopes were in vain. She was feeling sick constantly and in a very bad shape.

When a period of couple of months passed, she went to her gynecologist for a consultation. Normally, the doctor wanting to find out the cause for this condition, started asking her strange questions. To be precise, he asked her whether chicken wings are part of her daily diet. Her answer was positive and she was astonished how the doctor knew such information.

As specified by many medical professionals around the world, chickens are injected with steroids. In that way, the process of their growth and development is speeded up. Imagine what people are capable of so that the demanding of the society for food be fulfilled.

In this matter, it is necessary for you to know that these chickens are injected with steroids in the neck or in the wings. This action proves the fact that these parts of the chicken contain the highest concentration of steroids.

Considering the fact that these steroids have the most negative influence on the body, this story that we shared with you should be a warning alarm for everyone, especially for women. Since these steroids can provoke changes in your hormones, the risk of cyst growth in some organ in the womb and the breasts is more likely to raise.


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