Warning signs that your tongue sends about your health

It is hard to believe that the tongue can indicate something about the health of your body, but the truth is that it can tell a lot.

There is, in fact, a method of health diagnosis which is based on how the tongue looks, its form, texture, size, and color. There are a number of indicators that can signal if your health is in order or not, and you just need to learn them.

Every morning when you go to brush your teeth, take a few seconds to examine your tongue. Also, it is very important not to strain the tongue because it can influence the results. The color and the coating can vary under the influence of beverages, medicines, foods, and smoking. This means that in order to get the best results possible, it is important that you examine your tongue at least an hour before any exposure.

  1. Hairy, black tongue

If your tongue has a brown or black fuzz, you don’t need to worry. This is not a sign of something bad, and it is certainly not a health issue. What it actually is, is a sign of improper oral health. This can also be caused by smoking and consuming drinks that contain caffeine.

  1. Strawberry red tongue

If your tongue has this color, you need to know that is not a good sign. It means that you have a vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. It is a problem that can be easily solved, as long as you consume more vitamins and eat properly.

  1. Mouth sores

If you have painful sores in your mouth, it means that you are under stress. As the name indicates, these sores usually appear in the mouth and on your cheeks, and they can be extremely uncomfortable.

These sores disappear after two weeks. If you notice mouth sores, it means that you need to relax more and take things easy.

  1. Cracks

If you see scalloped edges on your tongue, you should not panic. It probably occurs as a result of the way that your teeth press into your tongue. This usually happens when you are asleep. But, in case there is a long or deep crack, down the middle of the tongue, it could indicate that you have a vitamin deficiency or that you are dehydrated.

There are some cases in which this could mean toxic buildup in the body, blood stagnation or lack of absorption of nutrients that are vital for the body. Just to be safe, consult with your doctor first.

  1. Wrinkled tongue

In this case, there is no room for concern, because these wrinkles just indicate that you are growing older, and it is a completely normal process. This, however, does not mean that you should neglect your oral health.

If you don’t take proper care of your oral health, there can still be some problems. The most usual symptoms of bad dental hygiene are pain and bad breath.

  1. Cottage cheese white

What this can indicate is thrush. It is actually a yeast infection that occurs in your mouth as a result of candida. This condition is often times linked with an excessive use of antibiotics or weak immune system. That is the reason why this condition is very common in individuals that are suffering from autoimmune disease, children and people that are suffering from diabetes.

  1. Red tip

In a case where the tip of your tongue is red, that means that there is some stress. The Chinese medicine tells us that worrying too much can deplete your body’s cooling effect and prohibit the regeneration fluids of the body.

This means that your body will generate heat. The heat will result in the red tip of the tongue. If you notice this problem, you need to know that it can be caused by some foods, and you need to avoid those foods. These foods include alcohol, coffee, spicy foods, and too much meat.

  1. Red lesions

Red lesions appear occasionally. In case if you have them on a regular basis, you need to immediately consult your doctor, because of the fact that regular red lesions are a sign of tongue cancer.

  1. Small white patches or leukoplakia

This is a condition that usually appears in individuals that smoke. At first, these white patches are painless, but they have about 5 percent chances of developing into cancer. If you are not a smoker, it means that there is something that rubs against your tongue.

If they don’t disappear in two weeks, you need to go and consult with your doctor.

Some of these signs are good, some are bad, but you will be on the safe side just by knowing them. Remember that prevention is the key to staying healthy.

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