What and what not to eat before bed

With the onset of darkness you begin to be tormented by an irresistible desire to have a bite. Now you are already looking for a sandwich or for a tempting cake in the bowels of the refrigerator. How to overcome this harmful for the figure and body instinct? What to eat in the most extreme case?

The obvious danger of late dinners is that before sleep the body does not have time to spend the received energy. It goes to the waist, hips and thighs in the form of fat. However, not only the figure is under the blow – the human body, in principle, cares when to eat.

However, there are some foods that we can eat even before we go to bed or we can not eat at all. Some of them will not harm out body, but some will prevent us from sleeping well at night. Now, let’s look at the list of these foods:

#1. Cherries. These berries are rich in melatonin, so they will help a person fall asleep.

#2. Bacon cheeseburger. If you eat bacon in the evening, it will kill your sleep.

#3. Milk. A glass of warm milk can relax your body and prepare in for your night rest.

#4. Wine. This drink can make you wake up a lot of times during your sleep.

#5. Jasmine rice. This rice is digesting slowly and does not overload your body. So, you can eat it in the evening.

#6. Coffee. You should not drink coffee after 4pm, if you want to sleep well. Also, you should not drink more than two cups a day.

#7. Fortified cereal. This food contains complex carbs. They are useful for your night sleep.

#8. Dark chocolate. It contains caffeine almost like coffee. So, be careful of eating dark chocolate in the evening.

#9. Bananas. They are good for your sleep, because they are rich in magnesium and potassium.

#10. Red bull. This drink will boost your energy level and will make it harder to fall asleep.

#11. Turkey. This meat contains low amount of calories and has useful elements for a good night sleep.

#12. Mountain Dew. This drink contains caffeine, so you will not easily fall asleep.

#13. Sweet potato. This vegetable is very good for your sleep, because it has muscle-relaxant potassium.

#14. Indian curry. You should not eat curry before you go to bed, because it is rich in heavy spices.

#15. Valerian tea. This tea has great properties to improve your sleep.

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