Win a man without getting intimate

Each of us knows good girls. It is about a woman who is ready to give literally everything to a man she barely knows, without demanding anything in return. This is a woman who blindly believes everything, because she wants a reciprocal affection.

She is ready to do whatever she thinks a man wants. Such a woman wants to maintain personal relationships at all costs. Many of us have been in similar situations. Men love difficulties and lose interest when the object of this interest, and especially a woman, is too easy to get.

The secret way to get a guy is to be a difficult task for him. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of mystery and make a man crave to meet with you. You should become a woman who is not similar to all other women. Also, we offer you to try the following tricks:

#1. Tell him a secret. Share your opinion, which can condemn somebody, or tell something from your past, which very few people know about. Opening yourself, no matter how unpleasant or unremarkable your secret is, you show your trust. Trust, when it is mutual, gives rise to a closer relationship. If you take the initiative to establish mutual trust first, then you will lay the foundation for a long relationship.

#2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Do not be afraid to cry during a touching movie, admit that you had a bad day, or that you have a lousy mood for no apparent reason. Beauty can be found in all human emotions, and in those who are not afraid to show them to others.

#3. Encourage him to be vulnerable. Ask about what he feels and thinks. Do not be afraid to be curious, but do it carefully, getting to his soul, heart and mind to find a connection on a deeper level. Soon you will become closer to him.

#4. Be strange. Do not hide behind formalities and socially acceptable good behavior, when you are resting. Be the person you are with all your cockroaches. Dance spontaneously, sing strange songs, or tell about your strange hobby. Any worthy man will be impressed by your personality and self-confidence.

#5. Encourage him to be strange, to show his cockroaches. Create an atmosphere for him to open himself. The stranger he will be in your presence, the less pressure and less stiffness he feels. A man is always happy to meet a woman who respects him and loves the true version of him.

#6. Make him laugh. Tell him a stupid joke and do not be afraid to look ridiculous. Laughter is the foundation of good memories! This instantly raises the mood. If a man is happy with you, this is a clear signal to him that you are the key to his happiness.

#7. Help him with his obligatory deeds. We all have an unspoken list of what we need to do: washing, cleaning, taking clothes from dry cleaning, paying for the Internet. The best gift is to do one of these points by yourself. Nothing says so much about your feelings and care, like a little help in everyday routine.

#8. Cook for him. Do not do it only because the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, but also because it can make you closer in reality. If you carefully think through the menu, you can show how much you appreciate his personal preferences and tastes.

#9. Show interest to his friends, because they are a part of his personality. Ask about them, offer to take a walk together, so that you can make them like you. It is always useful to have your supporters among his friends.

#10. Be interested in his family. Do not just be polite, but remember all the birthdays, congratulate them and remind them to congratulate him. A good family opinion about you is very important for your relationship.

#11. Give him gifts without reason. Such surprises are much more special. This is not just a gesture of courtesy and tradition, but also a manifestation of love.

#12. Change his opinion about something. We all have our own preferences in music, cinema, and even politics. If you can persuade him to listen to a band he did not want to listen to before, or to watch a film that you want, you will make a great impression on him. He will identify you with something new that he has learned, and will always be interested in you.

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