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This Woman Filmed A School Cafeteria In Japan! What She Captured!? My Jaw Dropped! VIDEO

In most of the countries around the world, parents are usually concern about the quality of the drinks and foods their children consume at home, but they don’t pay much attention what their children consume at school.

Well, Japan is not one of them. In one Japanese school, the main meal is more than just eating. In this elementary school located in Saitama, Japan, lunch is actually a 45-minute educational period. It’s similar to having a history, math or science class.

These Japanese students from this school grow and peel their own vegetables on the school’s yard. They serve their food and then they clean up after lunch. The most interesting part of this educational process is that the learning process is planned, and children enjoy. In this video, the Japanese students are preparing five-vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and fish with pear sauce. And yes, all the ingredients are home-grown and home-cooked. Well, this educational video is now turning into a discussion about the quality of lunch in American Schools.

Just watch the video bellow and see for yourself. And yes– do not forget to share with your family and friends.

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