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Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent, study finds

Yes dear ladies, it is a fact. You are more intelligent and resistant to chronic diseases. As stated by Natural News, having a large behind means also ‘’large intelligence.’’ Researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom, came up with the discovery that the risk of developing some chronic disease for these women is very low. Researchers also say that the role of fat distribution is very important, and if you have some, it’s better to have it below the waist, rather than above it. This is so, because it serves as barrier against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions related to obesity.

The comparison between your body shape and the shape of an apple and pear, can help you determine your health condition. If your body has the form of a pear, you are headed to a healthy direction. If you are apple-shaped, it means that you should start healthier routine.

People with belly fat have more obesity-related problems, compared to those who have extra weight on their hips, thighs, and butt.

Fat is not the same in different parts of the body. The fat stored in the lower half, is prone to be more stable and invokes fewer cytokines or proteins, which being connected to insulin resistance, prevent the occurrence of diabetes. This thorough explanation was given by professors of medicine, specialized in obesity, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Big butt requires considerable amounts of Omega 3 fats, which are known to stimulate the function of the brain, improve memory and cognitive abilities. In relation to the newest study, children born to women with wide hips, have proven to be intellectually superior in comparison with those of slimmer, less curvy mothers.

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